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Training is work. Working your dog increases the bond.  A good bond is invaluable. We recognize here the work performed to train to any level.   Congratulations, all!

If your you & your pup have done something and are not listed here, please let us know!

From oldest to youngest:


Briarwood Pure Gold Hannah CGC Jim & Judy Long
Baloo Da Bear of Hanabrit  CGC,OFA,TDI, RN, RA  Jim & Judy Long
Sirius von Hanabrit OFA Jennie Jester
Burgandy von Hanabrit CGC,OFA,TDI   Jim & Judy Long
Gryphon von Hanabrit CGC, OFA   Mike Miller
Hugo Varg CGC, BH, TT, FO, TDI   Dan Oas
Apollo von Hanabrit CGC Connie Kramer
Gator Gold von Hanabrit CGC, TDI, RN,RA,Awarded Canine Excellence Ramona Prime
Ozzie von Hanabrit CGC Pat Gardner
Beau von Hanabrit CGC Heather Laskos
Shebear von Hanabrit CGC, TDI, RN,RA Ramona Prime
Harlow von Hanabrit  CGC, TDI  Brian & Betsy
Jaggers Royal Shataha Von Hanabrit CGC  Sherrie & Madelynn Schaefer
Angelica's Lola Bell von Hanabrit CGC,TDI Judy Long 
Kaiser Von Mannsbart Via Hanabrit VP(9-12mos), BH@15mos, Stefan Mannsbart
Karma von Hanabrit CGC, RN Laura Groesbeck
Shataha Totem von Hanabrit CGC, Cathy Hayward
Rose von Hanabrit CGC,Katy Maly & Trish Huckin
Lily von Hanabrit CGC, Cathie Comis

January 19-20, 2013
Ava von Hanabrit CGC, CD, RN, SAR  Julie Grinnell
Dora von Hanabrit CGC, Judy Long
Seika von Hanabrit CGC, Laura Groesbeck
Mya von Hanabrit CGC, Judy Long
Zena von Hanabrit CGC, Gary Colenso
Sascha von Hanabrit CGC, Scott Sykes

July 2013
Sadie Blue Von Hanabrit, CGC  Maria Elliott

April 11, 2014
Marshal Dillon von Hanabrit CGC, Judy Long
Titan von Hanabrit CGC, Jean Wright
Nova von Hanabrit CGC, Jean Wright
Genepi von Hanabrit, CGC, Emmanual Bot
Sir Maximum Diesel Lee Larkin von Hanabrit CGC, Don Larkin
 Piper von Hanabrit CGC, Jack Gray 

Oct 17, 2014
Jessie von Hanabrit CGC, Leann Tisdall
Karbon von Hanabrit CGC, Kirk Pettengill
Gretel von Hanabrit CGC, Vickie Estep
Hoss von Hanabrit CGC, Skip Kouba
Meeka von Hanabrit CGC, Cathy Hayward

Gary & Zena CGC Jan 20 2013 Julie & Ava Jan 20, 2013 CGC

 Julie & Ava, 1st leg CD Jan 2013 Dora, 2nd CGC Jan 2013

Mya, CGC Laura, Seika CGC Jan 2013

Mona, Gigi & Sheba

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